Hi! I'm Serena Nicole

The creator and founder of QUEEN me. 


I equip driven, ambitious women with the tools needed to position themselves for success. 

My Story


I've gone from failing my first semester of college and changing my career focus my last semester, to being accepted into a graduate program and graduating as one of the Top 5 students in my class, founding a non-profit, helping with the management and execution of a multi-million CDC grant, and becoming a published scientific author.

I have faced obstacles, but I overcame them by pushing past my fear and developing a clear plan of action to succeed my goals.

Ever since I can remember I have always been assertive and confident. I credit this to my Southern and Jamaican roots and strong women influences such as my mom and grandma. Yes, life has thrown a few curve balls my way (failing grades, bullying, career changes, development of lack of confidence) but, I always manage to overcome these obstacles achieving things greater than I could ever imagine.

One thing that I am passionate about is mentoring and supporting other driven, ambitious women. I find great joy in helping other women who have yet to realize their potential reach their goals.


How It All Began

Over this past holiday break, I began my ritual of completing personal development practices that I had learned over the years. Figuring out my life goals and how I could align them with my career. I am passionate about not only women’s health, but women’s well-being in general. And as I was mapping out my life and career goals I noticed one thing. As a physician, I would only be able to affect women’s lives as it came to physical health. While this is important, it does not fulfill my life’s goal of healing and empowering the WHOLE woman: Mind. Body. Spirit.

And then it happened. Something clicked and I knew what I had to do. Merge my passion for health and overall well-being. And thus, QUEEN me. was born.

Through QUEEN me. I want to teach and encourage women to be whomever they desire to be. I know the struggle that comes with wanting to be an ambitious woman in the face of societal pressures. Someone is always telling you to fit the typical mold of what a woman should be. At one point, I tried to fit these stereotypes and was not my best self until I realized that I did not have to play the part others thought I should. I can be ambitious, opinionated, intellectual, sexy, caring, altruistic, and anything else I want to be. And guess what?


You can too!


Interested in working with me?

As I continue to succeed, learn, and push past my fears, I am committed to share my strategies to help other women do the same. My mentees have gone on to being accepted into PhD programs and working with some the biggest organizations in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math - all while pushing past their fears. 

I know you're ready to break free and turn your potential in to possibilities. Let's do it together.

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