It's OK to Take a Break...Just Don't Quit

You’re excited. You’ve set a goal and you’re working towards it. Grinding, hustling….everyday. Nonstop. You feel good, it’s a rush. You’re making your To Do List and checking it twice. You’re on a roll. And then suddenly….you’re tired. You don’t feel as motivated anymore. You’ve run out of ideas. You start to lose momentum, and hit a brick wall. Rather, you crash into it. So you figure you’ll take a break. A few days turn into a week...and then weeks. A month. And then a few months. You stop and look around and wonder if you should even continue working on that goal/project. It’s been so long, you don’t know where to start or even if it’s worth starting again.

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Let’s face it burnout is real. We all get to a point in our lives and careers where we feel like we just don’t have anymore to give. So we stop and take a break. Now there is nothing inherently wrong with doing this, but sometimes people just don’t take breaks -- they quit all together.

Burnout is sometimes a part of the process. Quitting is not.

Story time. So if you’ve noticed, I haven’t posted a blog or to social media in a couple of months. My life has been in a whirl spin since May. From finishing up my post bacc program, to studying for and taking the MCAT, applying to med school, and looking for and securing a job...I’ve had no time to breathe. And with so much going on I had little time to devote to QUEEN me. So I took a break. No more new clients, no new posts. But in the midst of the break, there were little voices in my head saying, “Girl just give it up. You’re going to be a physician-scientist anyway so why even bother.” Or, “Well you JUST started this business so it’s ok to quit, no one will notice.” But oh on the contrary they did. Between my coach, friends, and family, everyone wanted to know what happened to the business that I was working so hard on. It is always nice to have a support system that will hold you accountable when you feel like giving up. (Even when you don’t want their unsolicited advice at the time).

So here I am, writing this post and getting back to business. On my break journey I learned two things: 1.) Taking a break can actually be very beneficial for your clarity and 2.) Redirection is not always equivalent to quitting.


So we all know the physical, emotional, and mental benefits of taking a break such as refreshing of mind, body, and spirit. But there is often one benefit that we tend to overlook: clarity. Refreshing the mind is not just all about doing a big data dump of the brain and then starting afresh. There is a lot of clarity that could take place while taking a break and recovering from burnout.

Taking  a break from QUEEN me. enabled me to gain lots of clarity in the direction that I wanted QUEEN me. to go. While I was not dedicating time to actually planning and getting things done, most of the new content and programs that we will be launching in the coming months were ideas that came to me while on break. You see, because I was not solely focused and in grind mode all the time, ideas would just come to me and I would jot them down and keep it moving. Because there was no added pressure to plan and execute ideas immediately, I was able to sift through them without pressure. I was able to gain clarity through my ideas on what QUEEN me. should become and also re-strategized and redirected our focus. Which brings me to my next point…

Redirection and Quitting are not One in the Same

Just because you change an idea or project does not mean that you gave up on it. It actually means that you care about what you are doing so much so that you change and tweak it when necessary. It may feel like you’re starting over or starting something completely different but that’s OK. You want to present your best work and not just go along with what you already have that may not be as good just because you feel obligated to it.  

While on break I was able to shift directions for QUEEN me. in a way that would benefit my target audience and bring them content and programs that will improve their education, careers, and life. Was it a hard move. Yes. Was I anxious about revamping my website, content, and programs. YES. But now that everything is coming together, I am more excited and passionate about what we are doing because I know that our impact will be greater because of it.

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So if you’re currently in a season where you just need to take a little time to get things together don’t fret. Enjoy this time and use it wisely. If you happen to think about your goals or a project you have been working on, write thoughts and ideas that come to mind. You don’t necessarily have to start working on them immediately. Just have them in a place where you can easily access them when you are ready to get back to it.  

Now I want to hear from you. Have you taken a break recently? If so, what were the positives that came out of it?