At QUEEN me. we support driven, ambitious women in STEM and the health sciences turn their potential into possibilities through our dynamic QUEEN Council program. We achieve this by helping them get clear about their life, career, and educational goals; and, creating an effective actionable plan to achieve those goals. 

Are you an ambitious woman who:

  • dreams to craft and live a life on her own terms?
  • at times has trouble saying no to people and things in fear of seeming "bitchy"?
  • has great ideas and goals but has trouble executing them?
  • wants to progress in her STEM or Health Sciences related career?
  • is contemplating a career transition or interested in continuing her education in STEM or the Health Sciences?

You've come to the right place!

QUEEN me. is a community of bold, driven women who live life on their own terms. We are not afraid to be who we WANT to be.

If you're ready to join us, start with the QUEEN Y.E.A.R. Goals Workbook to help you set big goals and get clear about what truly matters in your life - regarding You, Everyone Else, Academics & Career, and Resources. 

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