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Free 5 Day Challenge… How to Make Room for Success!

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Discover what YOU really want for your life vs. what friends, family, (future) boyfriends/husbands, and even strangers want for you! In this challenge you will:

  • Explore negative feelings and beliefs that society has about ambitious women and how to combat them

  • Learn how to get out of your own way

  • Deliver yourself from other’s opinions and live life on your own terms!

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About the Creator


Serena Nicole is a life + success strategist who equips women in STEM with the tools needed to position themselves for success in education, career, and life.

A proud Jamerican and self described alpha female, she failed her first semester of college to later break the stereotype of a typical STEM girl by changing career paths (political science to epidemiologist) and beginning her medical school journey at age 30. She believes women should do what makes them happy despite what others may think.

When she’s not helping her women become successful powerhouses, she can be found playing in SAS, in the sand, or with her snorkie Nemo.


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