Hi! I'm Serena Nicole. I equip driven, ambitious women with the tools needed to craft a life built on success. My personal and professional experience includes mentoring, founding a non-profit, public health research, and being a published scientific author. And through it all, I’ve been reigning, on my own turns.  

The only thing stopping many of us from turning our potential into possibilities is fear and lack of direction. Fear that I may fail, Fear of what others may think, Fear that I may hurt someone's feelings. And, not having clear direction on how to set yourself apart or breaking through in your career. I’m here to give you the courage, motivation, and information you need to start ruling over your life, and do it on your own terms.

So if you have big dreams but struggle with how to turn them into reality, you’ve come to the right place.  

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And with that, let’s get to reigning!