QUEEN Council

An 8 week program that will provide you with effective strategies to get you where you want to be in life, career, and education.

Through QUEEN Council you will receive:


A mentor who supports and holds you accountable


Receive a specific plan for personal development in achieving a life, and career or educational goal we have agreed upon that will push you toward success



Collaborate with me weekly for 60 minutes through one-on-one coaching via phone or Skype


Weekly homework assignments including worksheets to complete between sessions that will help you identify areas in need of growth

Wouldn't you like to...

  • be organized and manage your time wisely
  • be assertive and know how to communicate your wants and needs
  • be comfortable saying no to people and things that do not add value to your life
  • master fear through resistance and pushing forward
  • know how to create life, career, and educational goals and implement an actionable plan to achieve them


Inspiration for the program 


Too many women fall into believing limiting messages about themselves that include

  • They are too strong
  • They are too smart and need to 'dumb' themselves down to be attractive
  • They have to achieve success by a certain age
  • They aren't smart enough to pursue STEM and Health Sciences related careers

These messages are emphasized in our culture and society. It's no wonder why many women have accepted these things as reality and are fearful of living up to their potential.


The truth is that you can be ambitious, smart, and whatever else you want to be. And, live life on your own terms.


Serena helped to solve my problem by encouraging and supporting me through a career transition. She helped me to realize that there was a reason that desire was on my heart. She helped me to see the positives out of the situation while remaining realistic. For a minute, I lost hope and motivation and felt I had a lack of potential. Serena helped me to see how far I have come and how much further I have to go.
— Oprah Z.


Envision a life where you...

- no longer struggled with worrying about other's opinions who don't matter

- are organized and manage your time wisely

- no longer fear failing

- no longer let age or current situation get in the way of your career and educational dreams

- know how to craft a plan of success to reach your goals

- are attending the graduate school or post baccalaureate program of your dreams -  and succeeding

- in your dream STEM or Health Sciences career fulfilling your purpose

- living life on your own terms




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Have a question about QUEEN Council Sessions? Feel free to email me serenanicole@queen-me.com